We are the Carroll’s.  Our story started in the spring of 1988, on a blind date! We married two years later and followed the normal path of incurring debt buying a house, cars, kids then building a house, a big house.  Soon we were on a treadmill that was gaining speed, bigger house meant more landscaping, furniture, nicer cars, etc.  Our sales jobs had irregular income then Dan lost his job.  We were able to get by on Liz’s income but it wasn’t pretty.  We fought. We were both stretched and angry. Focused on us and the health of our family, we knew we needed to make a change.

"We were both stretched and angry. Focused on us and the health of our family, we knew we needed to make a change."

We moved, sold the big house, cut our square footage in half with our new home.  We paid 50% down for that house, financed it for 15 years and paid it off in 10 years. Dan was re-employed. If debt is normal, we were determined to be debt free; to be weird.  We paid off our credit cards.  We paid cash for used cars. We didn’t have student loans.  Because our parents gifted us our education, we felt it was our duty to do the same for our children.  We became fierce about saving for our children’s in-state, college education approximately $200,000.  We did this by living below our means; usually on one income while we both worked.  We followed a budget and were disciplined.

We still ate out periodically, vacationed at international resorts, and our children participated in extra curricular activities; we were intentional, mindful with our money, always.  We were weird in a good way.  We worked hard and we saved.  Because we were mindful (ok, you can say frugal) with our money, when our parents’ passed and left us a little inheritance, we bought an investment income property; we didn’t “blow” any of those funds.

We can help you do the same thing.  Better exists.  It does take organization, discipline and accountability.  We can guide you. You can do it!

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